How it works

  • When you arrive at the farm, stop at the green information hut on the left as you enter the driveway or follow signs to The Shed (large grey building) if our greeter is not available (greeter normally at hut weekends only).

  • At The Shed check out prices, borrow a saw, get a map and directions to your favorite type of tree, enjoy a complimentary cup of cocoa, cider or coffee or purchase snacks or espresso (weekends only) - COVID conditions-dependent.

  • Walk out on the farm to find the perfect tree and saw it down (use our saw or yours, chainsaws okay).  (At this point some may need assistance.  If you do, don't hesitate to call the farm - (360) 275-3162)Note: Please don't cut the top out of the tree or cut part of a tree only.  Check with our staff first and they'll discuss adjusting for a long top or other adjustments you'd like to make first.

  • Once you have your tree, haul it back to The Shed for measuring, bailing and payment (bailing is a small fee).

  • If you would like your tree bailed, take it to the bailing machine where the operator will measure your tree.

  • If you're not having your tree bailed, ask one of our staff (with a red apron or orange safety vest) to measure it for you.

  • Pay at one of the check-out counters in the front of The Shed.

  • Take your tree to your vehicle.  (Twine is provided near the check-out counters at the front of The Shed.  Ask for assistance if needed.)

Tips and Other Info

  • Dress appropriately for your outing.  The weather conditions during the season can be cold, wet, or snowy.  Coats, mittens, boots, hats and/or umbrellas are highly recommended.  Something to kneel on while you cut your tree is also useful.

  • Take our phone number with you when you search for your tree so you can call us if you have a question or need assistance - (360) 275-3162.

  • Feel free to tip any of our staff who assist you or go above your expectations.  It's appreciated!

Pre-Tagged Tree Contest

  • Don't forget that you can reserve a tree by pre-tagging it and cutting it at a later date. We recommend that you decorate your pre-tagged tree in the field to be part of our second annual contest. The best decorated tree will win a certificate for a free tree (for 2022).  The pre-tagging contest begins Saturday, November 6 and goes through November 30, 2021 (8:30 am to 4:30 pm daily).

  • How it works - Obtain a tag from the Shed.  Write your name and phone number on the tag and hang it in the tree you choose.  Decorate your tree and email photos to with your name and phone number and post on our Facebook page - @Bacons98312.  The winner will be chosen on Sunday, December 12, at 5:00 pm PDT.